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Trust Management

Review Engagements

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Many not-for-profit organisations, including Charitable Trusts have a legal requirement for the reviewing of their financial statements by a suitably qualified professional.

We have a team of qualified people to undertake the review, but more importantly, to work with you to ensure the process is efficient and provides value to your organisation.

Trust Administration

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The administration of trusts is a specialist area of expertise that we provide. Our service ensures:

  1. Every Trust is reviewed annually to check it is legally compliant and 'fit-for-purpose'
  2. Wills and Memorandum of Wishes are prepared and kept up to date
  3. Minutes are prepared to record trustee decisions
  4. Financial statements and tax returns are prepared in line with legislation
  5. Trustees are aware of, and comply with, their obligations to beneficiaries

Trustee Services

Trust Us

We provide a professional and independent trustee service. A trustee is a person that you appoint to ensure your trust is properly managed, and that the set objectives are met. 

Trust Formation

Protect your future

Forming a trust can be a smart move for relationship property protection, creditor protection, effective tax planning, business succession and estate planning.

We can advise you on whether setting up a trust is the right thing to do, and ensure the right people are assigned the right roles within your trust.

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