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Specialist Services

Company Secretary

Company legislation requires businesses to perform several administration tasks that take up a lot of valuable time. The last thing you need as a business owner is to be stressed out trying to ensure you comply with the Companies Act 1933. The potential threat of penalties for failing to keep up with the changing rules is too great a risk to take.

At ICL Chartered Accountants we can relieve you of this burden. Our services include:

  • General advice on company law
  • Company & Limited Partnership formations
  • Filing annual returns on your behalf
  • Preparing all documentation related to minutes and resolutions
  • Maintaining statutory books
  • Assistance with changes of directors, shareholders, addresses, and office details
  • Bonus issues
  • Share transfers 
  • Registered office facility
  • Amalgamations

Please contact us for further information on how we can help you get back to running your business.

Estate Planning

As unpleasant as the task is, estate planning is one of the necessities of life. Knowing your hard-earned assets will be dealt with in the manner you choose provides peace of mind.

For business owners, a plan for succession of ownership is essential. We can guide you through the process of providing for business continuity.

The executor and trustee of a will is required to perform a number of duties. 

The areas of estate administration we can assist with include:

  • Meeting to discuss objectives for your estate 
  • Documentation involved in estate planning
  • Protecting your assets
  • Gifting & tax advice
  • Estate distribution
  • Review of wills to ensure estate planning objectives are met
  • Review of life insurance & key person insurance

Information Technology

We live in a computerised age where technology enables us to enhance a wide variety of business processes. Using software and hardware effectively can provide enormous benefit to your business.

Here at ICL Chartered Accountants we have embraced computerised systems, ensuring our trained, experienced professionals can:

  • Discuss the best system to further your business
  • Install and configure software to suit your purposes
  • Recommend processes to make your computer system more secure
  • Suggest accounting software applications suitable for your business
  • Train clients to be self-sufficient users of a range of software applications 
  • Offer advice on electronic banking
  • On-demand IT Consultancy
  • Provide a cost effective IT procurement and setup service

Whether you are thinking about obtaining new computer hardware, or looking at completely changing your business systems, our team is willing and able to assist you.

Farm & Horticulture Accounting

Farm & horticulture accounting involves specific business, financial, and taxation issues, and a specialist understanding of the industry. At ICL Chartered Accountants we keep abreast of the developments in both the farming and accounting industries, ensuring we are uniquely placed to provide up-to-date, accurate advice.

Our services include:

  • Farm budgeting and cash flows
  • Farm sales and purchases
  • Ownership structures
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Tax planning
  • Seasonal planning
  • Succession planning
  • Farm survey
  • Preparing of business plans
  • Forestry & Emission Trading Scheme tax advice

Rental Property

At ICL Chartered Accountants we have the expertise required to assist you in a variety of areas relating to residential and commercial property. The services we offer include:

  • Advice on purchasing a property
  • Reviews of lease agreements
  • Advice on funding
  • Guidance on structuring to get the best tax outcomes 
  • Advice on ownership structure 

Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you with managing your rental portfolio.

Retirement Planning

Achieving a comfortable retirement requires forward planning. You need to consider when you will retire, how much income you need for the retirement you desire, how to acquire that income, what role the government will play, and more.

The friendly team at ICL Chartered Accountants can help you answer these questions and plan for the relaxing retirement you've earned.

Buying & Selling a Business

Selling a business can be a difficult, disheartening time, and the tasks involved can seem particularly arduous. At ICL Chartered Accountants we remove the stress from the process.

The services we provide for preparing to purchase or sell a business include:

  • Due diligence
  • Preparing  comparative financial information 
  • Establishing a realistic sale price
  • Benchmarking your business
  • Preparing  the business for sale
  • Negotiating with potential purchasers
  • Helping you plan for life after the sale

Our friendly, professional staff can help you obtain a maximum return for your business.

Succession Planning

To ensure the long-term success of your business, it is critical to establish a well-designed succession plan. Coordinating the transition of your business to your successors can be an arduous process. However, with our years of experience we can address the complex issues of business continuation, removing the stress from your shoulders.

Contact us for more information on forming a plan that facilitates a hassle-free continuation of your business!

Review Engagements


Many not-for-profit organisations have a requirement in legislation, or their foundation documents, to have their financial statements reviewed by a suitably qualified professional.

A review is a type of assurance engagement to check there is nothing in the financial statements that causes the reviewer to believe they do not fairly present the results of the organisation.

At ICL Chartered Accountants we have a team of qualified people to undertake the engagement, but more importantly, to work with you to ensure the process is efficient and provides value to your organisation.

Human Resources

Your most valuable business asset is your staff. In recognition of this, and in line with our aim to help you make the most of your business, we provide an HR consulting service and can guide you into getting the best from your team.


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